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Who is looking after your computer ??
  What to pay Worksop Based S80 2AE S25
  Please note that all Data BackUp is totally FREE!  
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Software Downloads
Clean install of operating system
XP Home or Pro:
No longer supported
Vista: No longer supported
Windows 7: £40.00
Windows 8: £40.00
Windows 10: £40.00
 Any free antivirus you wish to be installed is included with the new install of Windows.
Purchase of new operating system
Windows 8: £100.00
Windows 8 Pro: £120.00
Windows 7 Home Premium 32/64bit: £70.00
Windows 7 Professional 32/64bit: £100.00
Windows 7 Ultimate 32/64bit: £172.00
Windows 10 Home 32/64bit: £130.00
Windows 10 Pro 32/64bit: £150.00

Backup of your data, FREE !
i.e. pictures, music and any other documents will be saved for you prior to the new install and put back to your desk top.

We can backup your emails, but the sole responsibility for data is the end user and not Tim's PCs

If you only wish for your documents to be saved then there will be a charge of only £20.00 for this service. An extra of £2.00 ea for more than one DVD.

Hardware Upgrades:
These are dependent on what you would like to upgrade. Please ask for details.

Ways of payment
strictly cash.
Businesses within 2 weeks of the billing date.
Wondering what to do with
that old Computer
We are offering cash payments for old computers for a limited period, so if you are wondering if that old tired Computer stuck in the loft is of any use or value? Well bring it in and get an estimate to it's value and a cash payment.

Just telephone me between opening hours to arrange a mutual time for that estimate.
Mobile: 07955 366465
  Any hardware fitted to your computer will remain the sole property of tims-pcs.co.uk until paid in full 01-12-2017
Serving Mansfield, Worksop, Chesterfield, Sheffield, Rotherham, Retford and Doncaster.
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