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Thank you for putting on the new software on my laptop, I am so pleased with it and of course it’s running a lot quicker now! Very efficient service and l most certainly will recommend you.

Worksop, United Kingdom

Tim was brilliant in helping me out of a crisis when my laptop was infected by a virus and became unuseable. He had everything sorted by the next day, along with lots of helpful advice - all at a reasonable price. Thanks Tim.

Worksop, United Kingdom

Snail pace computer
Check out tims pc outstanding fast,cheap great service well impressed
Thank you tim
Highly recommended

Worksop, United Kingdom

June 1st 2016
Once again excellent service from Tim, we have been using his company for several years now. Honest, knowledgeable and reasonably price, we would recommend Tims PCs to anyone!

S & KH

Worksop, United Kingdom

February 5th 2016
Good old fashioned proper service that's seems to have disappeared almost everywhere , Professional, Courteous, Efficient . Gets the job done first rate .

Worksop, United Kingdom

December 24th 2015
Tims little shop on Potter Street is not a shop as such, its more of an engineering department, for diagnosing poorly computers and laptops. I had hit a dead end with a second hand laptop I have been using for three years and I am still learning new tricks that this machine can perform. Anyway Tim cleared the problem overnight at a very reasonable rate and I am now trying to get to grips with my overhauled friend.

So thanks Tim, have a lovely Xmas and a happy new year.

Worksop, United Kingdom

July 24th 2015
When my computer crashed, a friend recommended Tim. I rang - hoping he would be able to sort it out fairly quickly. He did more than that. I took it to his premises and within a day my computer was back in excellent order - and the tower cleaned and polished!
I had several problems with some new software the next day (nothing to do with the work Tim had done) and he sorted it out over the phone. It's wonderful to have someone who,not only is extremely knowledgable about all things connected with PCs, but also is charming and very helpful. Thank you again Tim.

Worksop, United Kingdom

June 26th 2015
My tired old PC had a start problem and with it's slow speed and non responsive action I thought it had had it's day. Tim's PCs Ltd very quickly and efficiently sorted it out and it is now back up to speed as good as new. I can thoroughly recommend Tim's PCs to do a good job with a cheery service at a very competitive price. Thank you Tim

Worksop, United Kingdom

December 8th 2014
Had a problem with my laptop and thanks to Tim's PCs it's working perfectly again!
Would highly recommend people to go to him if they have any PC or laptop problems. Fair prices, always keeps in contact and updating you on the situation and very honest.
Will be coming back to you if I ever have any more problems and hope you continue your business for many more years!

Many thanks!

Worksop, United Kingdom
June 5th 2014

Hi Tim

Thanks for the work you did on my laptop and also my brother's laptop. £35 is not a lot to pay when you get back a machine which actually runs effectively again!
I am very particular about who works on my laptops and PCs since I have worked in IT for the last 12 years.
I have no worries about recommending a man who is both honest and competant. I will continue to use your services and I hope you continue in business locally for many years!

Once again, many thanks.

Worksop, United Kingdom

June 13th 2014
A friendly,prompt and professional service every time we use Tim.

Worksop, United Kingdon
May 18th 2014

We have had repairs and also sorting of a problem with our main PC in the
recent past carried out by Tims PCs.

The charges for the work carried out were very reasonable and I trust Tim
to give an honest reflection of the repairs needed to be done.

We would definitely go to Tims PCs for any further problems, and would
recommend him without hesitation!


Worksop, United Kingdom

May 8th 2014
Tim:- We are so grateful to you for sorting out our computer when BT couldn’t and wouldn’t!! The fact that you came to our house is great too and out of hours, I don’t know of anyone else who offers that service. I will definitely recommend you to anyone having problems in the future. Once again many thanks.

C & S

Worksop, United Kingdom
April 14th 2014
I have been using Tims Pc’s for the past several years.
He has been Professional Competent and reasonably priced
Have never given another thought of who to call when I
have issues with my Pc’s prompt and reliable.
Very satisfied
Go straight to Tim’s and I guarantee you will be glad you did.
Thanks Tim
Gin & Coke

Worksop, United Kingdom
November 28th 2013
Thanks Tim, you did a great job sorting out someone elses mess, discovering and replacing an unknown faulty part for me. Great service all round with a reassuring depth of knowledge. I would reccomend you to anyone.

Worksop, United Kingdom

June 17th 2013
What can one say other than PERFECT?
Perfect service, perfect results, perfect courtesy and all of these at half the price of the well-known companies. Tim, I cannot thank you enough. You took a crappy laptop and made it into a properly working unit. THANK YOU!
Best regards,

Worksop, United kingdom

December 10th 2012
Mr. Tim:
You are the best when it comes to computers. Fast too.
This computer will now run as it should with your help. Many thanks, and God Bless.

Worksop, United Kingdom
November 4th 2012
Well Tim after all that trouble with bt and for sorting out my laptop I now have my original E.mail address. Thank you for all your help and kindness over the week, I was at my wits end with bt. I will certainly come to you with any other problem I might have(hopefully not for a while). To sum it up you are a diamond and I will pass your cards out for you. All the best Dave.

D & G, C
Worksop, United Kingdom
April 13th 2012

I originally contacted Tim because he was geographically close to my daughter who was having problems with her PC. From my very fist contact Tim was effective, efficient and demonstrated an empathy that was so re-assuring to people that are not as PC streetwise as we should be. He took the trouble to visit her at home and in no time at all identified the problems, installed a new hard drive and returned it to her. I have recently had problems with windows taking forever to load, I live in France but Tim did it all by remote and sorted it out in less than an hour. When asked about the bill he replied with a website address saying ‘if I wanted to make a contribution’ !! They don’t come much better than Tim Pryke, use him- his humanity, skill and generosity are dying attributes in the selfish, cynical world in which we live. The world is a better and richer place for his kind.

Kerfourn, France

January 13th 2012

I want to thank you for your patience and time spent helping me with my
You amaze me..What a sweet kind man.
The testimonials say it all!!
You have touched many lives with your expertise and kindness.
My computer is faster and running so smoothly now.
I feel so relieved with all you have done to keep me safe and protected
from all that bad stuff out there.
Thanks so much Tim..your the bestest!!!!Smilezzzzzzzzzzz

Alberta, Canada
September 20th 2011
Being a silver surfer and having little technical knowledge of computers if I am faced with a problem I go into panic. This happened a few days ago and I was scratching around to find where I could get help. Fortunately a recommendation put me in touch with Tim Pryke and even more luck - he was local. Within an hour of contacting him I was able to take him my PC and printer and within a few hours he had solved the problem. Cannot wish for a better service than that and also from a most interesting and thoughtful person. Having someone reliable and competent at the other end of the phone is a godsend to me. Thankyou Tim

Worksop, United Kingdom
September 15th 2011
Thanks for sorting out our monitor problem.

The service we received from Tim was first class, efficient, effective and timely. Although the monitor could not be repaired, he arranged for a new one to be supplied, at a very reasonable price and refused to accept payment for his services as he had been unable to fix the problem. You really can’t do fairer than that.

Again thanks a lot Tim.

Worksop, United Kingdom
September 2nd 2011

I met Tim about 2 years ago in a Computer Room where we just chatted at first. Then I watched as he helped many people with computer issues. I finally got brave enough to let him help me with my very old computer that still had XP Home Edition on it. He did a great job, and was so very helpful when he taught me how to up-grade my RAM. I had never had that kind of help with a computer before, and was so grateful he knew what he was doing. Then when I got an HP with Windows 7, he did all the work to clean out the junk that was not needed, and up-dates I didn’t know were needed. Then our big storm hit our town, and when I get to move home, he will be the 1st one I contact to go through the system again, to see if any repairs are needed.

Bless you Tim for all you do to help people on their computers, not sure where I would be today on mine if not for your help. Probably pulling my hair out.....lol

Keep up the great work, and all the compassion you have when helping us all. Lots of love.....xoxox
Missouri, USA
August 1st 2011

I have just had my pc fixed by Tim. I would recommend his service to anyone experiencing problems. He offers a prompt, professional service. Thanks again Tim.
Worksop, United Kingdom
July 6th 2011
I have just had some work done on my pc by Tim and I am highly satisfied with it now runs far better and also quicker than ever before so thank you Tim for a great job.
Worksop, United Kingdom
June 24th 2011
I have used Tims Pcs on a number of occasions due to being completely useless with technology. Tim has been more than helpful at all times and done a wonderful job with fixing our laptops/pcs. No job is too big for him and i feel we get 100% service. I would recommend him to anyone who has problems with their computers.
Worksop, United Kingdom
May 9Th 2011
You have been a personal friend for many years helping both me and my husband sort out our computers at no cost to yourself. This was true friendship. I have however recently had a major fault on my computer and duly called upon you to try to get it sorted knowing that this time you would need to be treated as a professional and not as a friend. At first you thought maybe it was past redemption but asked me to leave it with you and you would do what you could if anything. I knew I could trust you with her so did as you asked.
After a few nerve wracking days for me not to mention the bargees between hubby and me, I got the e-mail I wanted from hubby’s comp. My baby was being fixed and I could come get her at the weekend. I could not wait to get to your home to get her back. True to your word there she was all clean and spruced up with her new boards etc in place. On booting her up she was so much faster and has remained so. All the rubbish has been cleared off her and she is behaving beautifully.
I cannot thank you enough Tim and sincerely hope our friendship will go on for a lot of years no matter where life may take us.
I will certainly be recommending you to any of my friends or contacts who have computer problems
I remain always
Your friend
Worksop, United Kingdom
April 21st 2011

On more than one occasion I have used the services of Timothy Pryke from
Home Pc Security services to fix my computer. I cannot speak highly enough of Mr Pryke or the service he provided me. He has had access to my computer to fix problems I was experiencing and did so with utmost professionalism and with excellent results.

Mr Pryke also informs me of any updates I require at the right times, He does this of his own accord as I have never requested it. I find his site so easy to use and certainly the best to download from.

I would not hesitate to call on him if I were to experience further problems with my computer as I have complete faith in his work.

I have no problem recommending
Home Pc Security and Mr Pryke to anyone requiring help with their computer for quick thorough work at reasonable prices.
Queensland, Australia.

April 18th 2011
Tim, I appreciate everything you have done for me, concerning my computer. You have helped me through some difficult situations. I have learnt a lot from you and I hope to learn more. I totally trust you to remote my computer, you’re a very honest person. Once again thank you for your time and kindness to help me and others. I would recommend you to my family and friends and anyone that could use your help.
Ontario, Canada.
April 16th 2011
I want to thank you for helping me out with my laptop, when I being a total stranger, was in dire need, and Had no where else to turn at the time. You were a GOD SEND, Tim, and I adore you for it. I would highly recommended your services to anyone. Your a kind gentle soul, and I do appreciate your helping me when I needed you most.
Michigan, USA.

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